Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spring Cleaning for the Soul

Spring is in the air, lovelies! The weather is slowly but surely starting to take a turn for the better and it’s time to overhaul our homes and closets once again with a little spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is so satisfying. I love to add a few new pieces of clothing to my wardrobe or accents to my home and get rid of a trash bag or two full of things that I no longer use or need.
I love the sense of achievement felt after basking in my sparkly well-scrubbed abode. To me, it is like starting fresh and new. It’s a great feeling to have your deep cleaned, polished home accented with the much anticipated rays of sun radiating through the windows. Hello extra burst of motivation! But why stop there? Most of us could stand to declutter our minds and lives as well. After all, if we can gain so much satisfaction from fixing up the external, imagine the feeling you can have if you choose to cleanse the internal. PSG challenges you to step up this year’s spring cleaning rituals by cleaning out your mental closet and renovating the routines in your life. Top 10 Tuesday shows you how with:

~10 Tips for Spring Cleaning the Soul~

1. Plant some “Me Time” in your personal garden- Each day, take out some time (even if only 15 minutes!) for yourself to relax your mind and body. Meditate, sleep, read or simply reflect on the successes of the day.
2. Take out the garbage- Pinpoint the unnecessary stressors in your life and get rid of them. Take out the things that keep you overly extended, overly obsessive, or relentlessly unhappy.
3. Inject silliness into your life- Smile more, laugh more, and do things that bring out that child-like giddiness that is so rare in adulthood. One of my best memories from this past winter included a late night impromptu snowball fight. It lasted about an hour before someone threatened to call the cops (Oops!). But, so fun! There are plenty of opportunities to be mature in day to day life. Every so often, make a point to NOT take yourself so seriously and have some spontaneous perhaps even *gasp* borderline inappropriate fun.
4. Uproot the weeds- Work your positive psyche like a full-time job. Uproot the negative thoughts that seek to destroy your sense of self and your dreams, daily. It only leaves more room for the positive thoughts to grow and flourish.
5. Hang your best pieces in a special place- Make a list of the most positive experiences or accomplishments in your life. Give detailed descriptions of the experiences: the what, when , where, why, and how, and then put it in a special place. When times get tough or when you are feeling down on yourself, pull out this list and read it. Reflecting on previous achievements or positive moments can help remind us of our capabilities and encourage optimism.
6. Air out grievances and embrace forgiveness- If you are holding on to anger, hurt or resentment, try sitting down with the person to whom it's directed and having a productive conversation. If you are harboring negative feelings toward someone it is not uncommon for them to a) have no idea that you're angry or b)have no idea why. Constructive communication is key and so is forgiveness. Hanging on to anger only hurts you. The other person will move on.
7. Switch from toxic to organic- Let go of the toxic men, friends, and habits. Expressing your grievances and forgiving others is important, and there are times when the next step is letting go. If you have toxic people in your life, meaning people who are rarely supportive, take yet refuse to give, constantly nitpicks or tears you down, then you have to let them go because the relationship is unhealthy. It's much like smoking. You can keep them in your life for small momentary satisfactions, but each time you engage, you are hurting yourself. Instead, switch to those habits and people that keep you at a healthy place in life.
8. Unpack your baggage-I'm speaking of all those things that have remained closed away because you don’t feel like dealing with them. This happens in all aspects of life whether it be related to the personal or related to work. The more we procrastinate and leave these things unattended to, the more it affects us and our self-esteem. We tend to feel better when we deal with things head on, whether they be good or bad.
9. Dust off your assets- Are there cherished hobbies, talents, or activities that you used to do in the past, but rarely do now? It is easy in life, to put those things to the side and let them get old and gather dust. Rediscovering old pastimes is a great way to shake up your routine and add balance.
10. Stop and smell the roses- It may not always seem like it, but they are always growing. Sometimes you just have to slow down and take a good look around to see them. There are many little things to be grateful for in life, so take out moments to find a few. Many focus hard on outcomes in life, completely fixated with the destination that they forget to appreciate the process or journey. Remember this: The process is where the real memories lie. The process is the means for growth. Stop. Look. Appreciate. Repeat.

Happy Cleaning ;)


  1. Great post! These are definitely points to live by. Thanks for posting this!

  2. Great tips, thank you very much for sharing them.