Sunday, January 16, 2011

PSG Presents: Findings from the Frontlines

#1-Your phone number is sacred. The sitch:

Saturday night.
Girl meets Boy.
Girl and Boy have a nice chat.
Girl and Boy do a little dancing.
Girl and Boy chat some more.
Boy asks Girl for her phone number.
Girl obliges.
Girl receives this text from Boy 36 hours later:

Yes. This is a real text message. From a real person. Who really thought it was ok to use this as a first communication. The offender: Preppy-looking brunette from an Upper East Side lounge. A female friend and her boyfriend accompanied said offender. Single girls get into all sorts of adverse scenarios out there in the trenches. Done gagging? Ok.
There are 3-ways to handle this:
  1. Go on a texting rant about how inappropriate and utterly disgusting said offender is and tell him to never contact you again.
  2. Conclude that said offender must have magic fingers, and decide not to write him off so quickly.
  3. Say absolutely nothing. No text, no call.
I guess some sort of satisfaction lies in each answer. Choosing "A" can make you feel that you at least let this misguided creature know that you are not the type of person that will tolerate such disrespectful gestures. At least not with the first phone contact (or first 1,000 phone contacts...yuck!). The satisfaction in answer "B" is self explanatory, but a little too repulsive to digest. PSG, chooses answer "C". After all, somewhere along the lines, said offender’s behavior was reinforced and he got it in his head that communicating in this way is a-okay. Therefore, I conclude that it is best not to perpetuate the cycle. At times like this, no communication can be the best communication. Silence is golden...and at times it can speak louder than any real words ever could. What else can we learn from this unfortunate scenario? Your phone number is sacred. Be careful who you give it out to. However, even the best conversationalists and most well put together people can end up being complete creepers. Good luck out there, girls ;)

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  1. Wow, it's just amazing that this guy thought that this tactic would work... and then again... perhaps it has in the past? And that is just really sad and pathetic that some women accept this kind of behaviour because they have no self-respect. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. @Angelina JoLoveless- Yeah, I can't help but think that somewhere along the lines, some girl thought this was cute (which is frightening). Thoughts of social learning theory and reinforcement abound...alas, there is still no excuse. Thanks for reading!